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Hyundai Maintenance Checklist

We understand that you have a lot to on your mind from day-to-day. But we also know that because you’re busy, it can be easy to neglect essential maintenance on your old or new Hyundai car. It deserves better than neglect, and you deserve better than higher repair bills, so O’Brien Hyundai of Normal makes it easy to take care of what’s most important to keep your car running right.

Why Maintenance is Important

Why do the OEM Hyundai parts and the attentive service provided by the technicians at our Hyundai service center matter? Good question. When you spend a little time and money now for maintenance, you don’t have to suffer through expensive repairs and downtime later. Just look at how many different services we offer:


Essential Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Your car is so much more than seats, tires, and an engine. Those mechanical components might need attention — and we’ll make sure your coolant, transmission fluid, and motor oil keep everything clean and running smoothly — but there’s a lot more going on under the sheet metal.

Consider your electrical system. If your battery quits, there goes your infotainment system, your lights, and your engine. If your lights are dim or burnt out, you can’t see or be seen. Let your tires wear out and you’ll be prone to hydroplaning, poor traction, and more trips to the pump, while worn brakes mean longer stopping distances and a greater chance of accidents.

Other items, like your belts and filters, can’t take care of themselves either. Routine exhaust checks will help ensure you pass


your IDoT vehicle inspection. Everything your Hyundai vehicle needs from help with the technology in your new Hyundai Santa Fe to questions about a pesky check engine light, are just a phone call — or a visit to 600 Greenbriar Drive — away.

Don’t forget, we also keep everything easy and affordable. We’re here six days a week, 7:30 to 6 from Monday through Friday and 9 to 1 on Saturday. Be sure to check the website at our Hyundai dealership near Springfield IL for our ever-changing roster of Hyundai parts and service specials. Call or stop by today and we’ll take good care of you!