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2019 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid: a Good Car Keeps Getting Better

When it first came out, the Hyundai Ioniq was a bold statement; this was the first time a carmaker offered three alternative powertrains on one platform. What made it even bolder — and keeps it relevant three years from its big debut — is that it gets so many details right. If you want an antidote to anodyne hybrids, it’s waiting for you at O’Brien Hyundai of Normal.


2019 Hyundai Ioniq Details

Not everyone wants to draw attention to the fact that they’re driving a hybrid. The 2019 Hyundai Ioniq is admirably stealthy in this respect, looking downright normal in a segment that otherwise tends to the unconventional (and not always in a good way).

The looks aren’t the only thing that’s reassuringly normal. Because this is the first new Hyundai vehicle designed from the ground up for alternative powertrains (not just the hybrid, but a Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid and the Hyundai Ioniq Electric that’s only available in California), it’s specifically engineered for low drag, light weight, and great performance without sacrificing efficiency. Its “green” cred is further boosted by its extensive use of recycled materials.


2019 Hyundai Ioniq Safety and Special Features

New Hyundai cars have a well-deserved reputation for value. That reputation isn’t just because of price, or an amazing warranty. It’s the features you get for your money.

It starts with a long list of active safety features (see the sidebar, or talk to your Hyundai dealer near Champaign IL), which contribute to a five star NHTSA safety rating and IIHS Top Safety Pick. It extends to great technology like Apple CarPlay™, Blue Link infotainment, premium audio, and a whole lot more. And that’s before you even get to the low TCO (total cost of ownership).

Buying a 2019 Hyundai Ioniq

Hybrids have gone from a novelty to a fact of life. Even though there are some brands that have been in the segment longer than Hyundai, there’s something to be said for taking the time to chart your own course, as they’ve done with the Hyundai Ioniq. You’ll see and feel the difference, especially once you’re behind the wheel. So why not visit O’Brien Hyundai of Normal at 600 Greenbriar Drive for a test drive?